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What is an Affiliate Program?

Simply, an affiliate program allows you (the affiliate) to place links to on your website in various forms and to have product feeds. Then, when a user from your site clicks through to and makes a purchase we pay you up to 5% of the sale.


By joining affiliate scheme you will be able to add instant content to your site and earn fantastic revenues at the same time.

  • SaverSoftware is one of the fastest growing retailers of Computer Software on line in the UK.
  • Order values, especially on Computer Software, can be as high as 350+
  • We encourage users to buy over the Internet as this reduces our work load and overheads, we believe in Automation!
  • Daily Updated Product feed.
  • Improved buyers Conversion Rates.
  • Product feeds of over 1500+ products including images, descriptions and all linking urls.
  • Some of the world greatest PC Software brands available at SaverSoftware and we are always looking for more.
  • Regular competitions and newsletters as well as bigger incentives for our top affiliates.
  • Cookies are set for 90 days, so increasing your commission from users. We find once someone has purchased from our site they come back quickly for a second purchase.
  • We provide a high level of customer service so you do not have to deal with orders and the customer service issues. Our high level of service also ensures that customers come back to order again.
  • Its easy to join and set up.

We aim to work closely with our affiliates and to build up a relationship with our affiliates. If you have any questions then please feel free to contact Ryan Gilbert at Webgains Ltd on 020 7808 7892 or

For further information on affiliates why not visit the Affiliates4U forum at where issues on being an affiliate are covered.

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