Ability Essentials Sms Text

Ability Essentials Sms Text

Manufacturer - ABILITY

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ABILITY - Ability Essentials Sms Text


With our SMS Text Manager you extend the power of SMS to your desktop. This feature rich software is easy to install and use. It has a familiar look and feel, similar to your e-mail client.

Quick and Easy Installation - Once setup starts, it's really a matter of accepting the defaults. You will be prompted for your email address and mobile number, and you will choose your own username and password, after which a Registration Code will be sent to your mobile with 5 free SMS credits.

Any additional credits supplied with your package can be claimed within the program.

As Easy as E-Mail - With the familiar look and feel of a modern day e-mail client, SMS Text Manager really does make SMS as easy as e-mail. When composing, you do not need to worry about remembering a contacts telephone number, or the format of the number.

You simply type the name of the person or groups you wish to send to. SMS Text Manager is intuitive, and you will be productive right from the start. There is no painful learning curve, you simply enter your contacts on the fly, type your message and click send.

Receive Replies - When your contacts receive your messages, they can reply the same as with a text message sent from a mobile phone. Replies are received directly to your SMS Text Manager Inbox, just like an e-mail system.

This makes SMS Text Manager the ideal tool for marketing campaigns and the collection of information.
Send to groups and individuals- SMS Text Manager can be used for personal and business communication - it's just as easy either way.

SMS Text Manager supports 10's of thousands of Contacts which can be organized into groups. When sending messages, it's simply a matter of selecting the Groups or Individuals you want to send to, typing your message, then clicking the send button.

Additionally, SMS Text Manager is intelligent enough to never send to the same contact more than once, so even if the contact belongs to many groups, SMS Text Manager will ensure that an individual message is only sent once.

High Capacity, Fast Messaging - You can send a message to up to 20,000 individual contacts in a single submission. Even with large batches, the messages are delivered to the network in record time. Single and low numbers of messages are delivered so fast that it appears instantaneous. Large batches take a little longer, but even on a 56k dial-up connection, your 20,000 submission will take less than 2 minutes.

System Requirements

Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP (home and professional) Workstation and Server, and Windows 2003 Server; CPU: 100 Mhz processor. Hard Drive: 100MB hard disk space. RAM: 64MB. Mouse or other Windows pointer device.

Release Date: Wednesday, 12th April 2006