Ability Essentials TurboBackup

Ability Essentials TurboBackup

Manufacturer - ABILITY

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ABILITY - Ability Essentials TurboBackup


The threat from viruses and intrusion is one which every computer user understands. Most people purchasing a PC today therefore install a raft of software to combat that threat.

The risk of lost data from system crashes and corruption is no less serious, but relatively few computer users put in place a regime of data and systems backup. When it is least expected, however, a crash will render gigabytes of data worthless.

Reliable, easy-to-use backup technology really is a "must-have" for every PC user.

Multiple DVD and CD Backup - TurboBackup can back up all common types of storage including external USB drives. When the target is a DVD, CD or other medium with limited capacity, it monitors the process and alerts you to change the backup.

Scheduling TurboBackup - TurboBackup can be activated at any time, or set to run on any schedule that you choose. It also gives you the option of auto backup on the startup and shutdown of Windows.

Backup all the computers in a workgroup- Define a task to back up drives or folders from any computer to a centralised hard drive, removable drive, attached storage device or DVD/CD burners.

Easy Synchronisation - TurboBackup synchronises data between home and office, laptop and PC, computers on networks or a combination of any of these. It gives you complete confidence in the accuracy of the files you hold on your computer.

System Requirements

Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP (home and professional). Workstation and Server, and Windows 2003 Server; CPU: 100 Mhz processor. Hard Drive: 10MB space. RAM: 16MB

Release Date: Wednesday, 12th April 2006