Authorware 7.0 Upgrade (from 5.x/6.0) Win

Authorware 7.0 Upgrade (from 5.x/6.0) Win

Manufacturer - ADOBE

Price £ 828.38    (£ 705.00 exc. VAT )

ADOBE - Authorware 7.0 Upgrade (from 5.x/6.0) Win


Macromedia Authorware is the only tool of its kind that empowers non-programmers to visually create interactive, rich media e-learning applications that are accessible and standards-compatible.

Authorware 7 enables learning developers and instructional designers to deliver highly effective content that can be deployed online or on fixed media more easily than ever.

Use the familiar Macromedia user interface to import Microsoft PowerPoint presentations and create highly interactive rich content. New LMS Knowledge Objects take the complexity out of connecting to standards-compliant learning management systems.

With Authorware 7, you can implement company-wide computer-based training for your sales staff, develop interactive lessons for trainers, or create instructional CDs and more.

Macromedia Authorware integrates graphics, sound, animation, text, and video into compelling e-learning experiences. Macromedia Authorware 7 uses the same intuitive user interface that is featured across the Macromedia MX product line while retaining the product's visual flowline authoring metaphor and drag-and-drop functionality.

Macromedia Authorware 7 now supports the import of DVD video so that this popular video format can be used in Authorware interactive applications.

Authorware also enables developers to deliver AICC/ADL-SCORM compatible courseware, and the latest version adds learning management system Knowledge Objects that make it easier to communicate between the application and the LMS. In addition, a Learning Object Content Packager helps developers organize and upload content to the LMS.

The packager compiles the metadata, Authorware files and resources, and an XML manifest into an ADL SCORM-compatible zip file. The product imports and exports XML to create data-driven applications, supports JavaScript to enable additional programming depth, and enables all product properties to be scripted, allowing developers to create commands, Knowledge Objects, and extensible content.

Common Macromedia User Interface
Reduce learning time and speed development with the familiar Macromedia user interface. Dockable panels can be grouped together, collapsed, or expanded as needed, providing a smooth, highly configurable workflow.

Microsoft PowerPoint Import
Leverage existing PowerPoint presentations to create rich multimedia e-learning content.

DVD Playback
Integrate and play DVD video in Authorware applications. DVD video has replaced LaserDisc technology as the standard for interactive training and kiosk applications.

Accessible Content for People with Disabilities
Generate tab navigation and captions, and turn text into speech to comply with accessible software legislation.

XML Import and Export
Create dynamic, data-driven applications by importing or exporting web-standard XML files into other applications.

JavaScript Support
Authorware uses the same JavaScript engine found in Macromedia Dreamweaver MX.

Learning Management System (LMS) Knowledge Objects
Create courseware that can connect to LMS systems and complies with standards from the Aviation Industry CBT Committee (AICC) or the ADL Shareable Courseware Object Reference Model (SCORM)

One-Button Publishing to Learning Management Systems
Deliver e-learning applications with the click of a button to an LMS. This feature integrates and automates all the steps in the packaging and uploading of your content to LMS systems, making deployment simple.

Fully Scriptable Properties
All properties within Authorware can now be scripted. This makes it easier for advanced developers to create commands, Knowledge Objects, and extensible content.

System Requirements

* Requires Authorware 5.x/6.0 already installed on your machine.

* Intel Pentium processor or higher

* Microsoft Windows 98 SE, Windows 2000, and Windows XP (Windows XP preferred)

* 64 MB RAM (256 MB recommended)

* 120 MB hard disk space

* 800 x 600 monitor resolution and higher

Release Date: Tuesday, 13th June 2006