QuarkCopyDesk Passport 3.5 Upgrade Mac

QuarkCopyDesk Passport 3.5 Upgrade Mac

Manufacturer - QUARK

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QUARK - QuarkCopyDesk Passport 3.5 Upgrade Mac


Use QuarkCopyDesk® to gain typographical control throughout the editorial production process. Writers, editors, researchers, and others using QuarkCopyDesk have a proven tool for writing, editing, and outputting copy for publication. And they can do their work knowing precisely how their textual modifications fit within an article's established layout.

QuarkCopyDesk Passport supports multiple languages
QuarkCopyDesk® Passport is a complete, fully functioning version of QuarkCopyDesk that includes additional features for multi-language publishing. QuarkCopyDesk Passport contains dictionaries and hyphenation information for 11 languages: Danish, Dutch, English (International and U.S.), French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish, Swedish, and Swiss-German.

* Translated user interface — Display the user interface in any of the languages supported by QuarkXPress Passport® with one click of the mouse.
* Complete, localized documentation in PDF format — User manuals and documentation in PDF format are available in all supported languages. These files are included on the QuarkCopyDesk application CD.

Compatibility with QuarkXPress
QuarkCopyDesk uses the same text processing engine as QuarkXPress®. As a result, copy moves between writers, editors, and designers more smoothly than ever before. Layouts created in QuarkXPress can be exported to QuarkCopyDesk with a click of the mouse, and all typographic attributes — such as style sheets, article geometry, and hyphenation and justification rules — are maintained in the export process.

Writers and editors open an exported article in QuarkCopyDesk and view the layout exactly as the artist designed it. Although they can view all of the graphic elements (which are exported as page pictures), only the text is editable. This ensures the design will not be inadvertently altered as the article is passed among reviewers.

Eliminate reflow
Because the article's typographic attributes and geometry are exported from QuarkXPress, writers and editors using QuarkCopyDesk know the exact article length, down to the line and word count. When they return the article to the designer, who imports it back into the master QuarkXPress layout, it fits perfectly. Text reflow is virtually eliminated, which improves efficiency dramatically.

An ideal solution for editorial workflows
The illustration below shows how QuarkXPress and QuarkCopyDesk interact to streamline the production of an article and accompanying layout.

View and edit articles in WYSIWYG view
Writers and editors have the opportunity to see the same graphically rich pages as designers see. QuarkCopyDesk fully supports QuarkXPress® colors, style sheets, and transparent text boxes.

Choose from three views
Get precise information on how your copy fits in the layout. Choose the view you like best — Galley, Full-screen, or WYSIWYG — for viewing line counts, line breaks, and column breaks. QuarkCopyDesk continuously displays underset or overset amounts, word and line counts, and column depths.

System Requirements

PLEASE NOTE: This is an upgrade version.

* G4 processor or faster
* Mac OS X 10.3.8 or Mac OS® 9.2.2 for QuarkCopyDesk shipped with Quark Publishing System® (QPS®)
* 256MB of available RAM
* 40MB of available hard disk space for QuarkCopyDesk or 100MB of available hard disk space for QuarkCopyDesk Passport
* Access to a CD-ROM drive or DVD drive

Note: The QuarkCopyDesk CD includes the QuarkXTensions that are required to enable QuarkCopyDesk and QuarkXPress to work together. You can also download these XTensions modules from the Quark Web site at www.quark.com/products/copydesk/downloads.html.

QuarkCopyDesk version compatibility
Different versions of QuarkCopyDesk are compatible with different versions of QuarkXPress software

QuarkCopyDesk QuarkXPress
Version 2.09 Version 4
Version 2.1 Version 4
Version 2.2 Versions 4 and 5
Version 3.0 Version 6.11
Version 3.5 Version 6.5

Release Date: Thursday, 15th June 2006